National Men's Health Week

Monday Jun 12th, 2023

National Men's Health Week is June 12-20. We want the Men in our lives to be happy, healthy, and with us for a long time.
From heart disease and type 2 diabetes to depression and anxiety, research has shown men can be at a significantly higher risk of many serious health issues. However, they are thought to be much less likely to schedule a doctor’s appointment or even acknowledge signs of not feeling well.
  •  Now’s the time to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, and that includes scheduling your annual checkup with your healthcare provider. Use national men’s week as an opportunity to schedule that appointment you’ve been putting off.
  • Use Men’s Week to get active! While many men work physically demanding jobs, your body still needs daily exercise. Go to the gym or go on a walk with your family. Your body will thank you!
  •  Staying healthy also means taking care of your mind. Men are less likely to speak up and report difficulties with mental health. The good news is that you’re not alone. Depression, anxiety, stress, and other mood disorders can strike anyone.  Speak up today and schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider – we need you to be healthy and happy!
  •  Men need self-care too! It’s hard to find the time to do the things that relax you. Use this week to get in that round of golf, read a book, catch up with a friend or try something new! You never know, it just might become a weekly self-care ritual.

Are you due for a yearly check-up, or is there something you've been putting off? Nows the time to put yourself first and take care of your health. Call to schedule your appointment today or schedule your appointment online.

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