Aging Adults

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Medical Care at Every Stage of Life

I have literally been with this office for 28 years. Dr. Berke delivered my younger sisters and my whole family has been going to his practice ever since… I love the personal touch the office has and have been happy with every provider I have ever seen.” -Sagan S

At Family Health Medical Services, we offer personalized health programs designed for people of all ages, from newborns to elderly patients with complex medical conditions.


Our individualized approach to medical care means we work alongside our patients to identify what matters most to them. From there, we develop comprehensive healthcare plans to help achieve their specific goals.

Our primary care physicians understand the importance of a well-rounded, holistic approach to health at every stage of life, especially our older adult patients. That is why we offer a variety of different medical services to address the unique needs associated with aging such as decreased mobility, arthritis pain, and managing multiple medications.

Some of the medical care services we provide are:

we believe no one should have to wait to start their wellness journey, that is why FHMS offers same-day or next day visits at all of our Western New York locations. Call us or schedule an appointment today to get started.

FHMS offers patients a range of virtual medical care services through our telemedicine program. Now you can get the care you need — wherever you may be.