Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

It’s more important than ever for those patients with long term health concerns to work with their doctor to protect their health and prevent complications from their illnesses.

  • Our Providers encourage patients to learn as much about managing their illness. Patients receive important information at each visit about their progress towards personal goals.
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, heart disease, blood pressure, and other serious long term illnesses, need frequent monitoring and evaluation to ensure patients remain as healthy and productive as possible.
  • Our diabetic and hypertensive patients are scheduled for return visits every six months, or more frequently, as needed. Routine diagnostic tests are ordered periodically to monitor the patient’s progress and help the provider design the best treatment plan for the patient.
  • Your acute or chronic condition may require a referral to a specialist. Your primary provider will review all testing, treatment and recommendations received from your specialist during your follow up appointment in the office. Visit our patient resources section for more information on the referral process. 

If you haven’t thought about it in a while, call today or log into the Patient Portal to schedule your annual physical. Make sure you keep your six-month follow up appointment; they are just as important to keep you healthy and on track.

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Chronic Care Management

Family Health Medical Services has partnered with Signallamp Health to offer personalized assistance between visits. Their collective mission is to improve your healthcare experience by working with you and your physician, focusing on preventative care and connecting you with the resources you need to maintain your health.

This is to supplement, not replace our relationship with you. FHMS and Signallamp Health nurses are in contact every day. Together, we will help you achieve your goals, coordinate care with other providers, assist with your medication, and work towards long-term health improvement.

FHMS is excited to offer this service that promotes wellness and preventative medicine.  Upon enrollment, you will receive a call from a Signallamp Health registered nurse.  This nurse will be your personal health resource and assist FHMS in providing the high quality of care you deserve.

Program Goals

  • To help you lead a longer and healthier life
  • To educate you on your conditions and how to better manage them
  • To keep you independent
  • To identify complications that could lead to hospitalization before they happen

Patients who have active Medicare coverage with two or more significant chronic conditions may be eligible for enrollment. Talk to your primary care provider about Signallamp at your next appointment. Contact us for more information or log into the Patient Portal and schedule an appointment. 

FHMS offers patients a range of virtual medical care services through our telemedicine program. Now you can get the care you need — wherever you may be.

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