FHMS Health Sciences Scholarship

Saturday Jun 11th, 2022

FHMS Health Sciences Scholarship

Family Health Medical Services created the FHMS Health Sciences Scholarship for graduating high school students who are enrolling full-time to receive a degree in public health, health science, nursing, or other health related field.

Access to quality healthcare is essential for good health, but like most rural areas, residents in our community often experience limited availability of healthcare providers and specialists. The FHMS Health Sciences Scholarship was started in 2019 to support local students in their college level studies. Our hope is that students will return to Chautauqua County for their career to practice in their chosen medical field to improve local access to high quality healthcare.

Family Health Medical Services would like to congratulate the winners of the 2022 award Alexandra Daniels and Madison Price from Maple Grove High School. FHMS wishes you continued success throughout your college career and on.

Madison Price Senior Picture Crop v3

Pictured Above: Madison Price

Alex Daniels Senior Picture crop 

Pictured above : Alexandra Daniels