FHMS Brrrr-tual Plunge Check Presented

Friday Mar 19th, 2021

We were thrilled to join event sponsor Bentley Tree Care, LLC to present a check from the proceeds of the 2021 Brrrr-tual Plunge to Rosie’s Run yesterday. The $4,027.47 check was made possible due to the brave individuals who took the plunge on February 6th and the generous donations from the community.

“We were faced a difficult decision on whether to cancel the annual polar plunge due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or try something new. We knew we had to do something to continue giving back to our community, especially after such a difficult year. The virtual Plunge turned out to be better than we could’ve hoped for, and we are so grateful for the community members who came together to make it a great success.” Natalie Sturges, FHMS

Event sponsor and owner of Bentley Tree Care, Bill Bentley donated $1,500 to the event. When thanked for his contribution he shared “We have great employees and loyal customers, this last year could’ve been really bad for our business, but because of them it was successful year.”

Check Presentation crop

Pictured left to right: Dr. Robert Berke of FHMS, Jamie Billquist of Rosie's Run, Bill Bentley of Bentley Tree Care, LLC